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Título original: Criticized
Director: Richard Gale
País: EEUU
Año: 2006
Reparto: Brian Rohan, John Lynd
Duración: 18 min.
Guión: Richard Gale
Música: Christopher Brady
Fotografía: Richard Gale
Género: Terror, Cortometraje
Productora/Distribuidora: Critical Pictures
Premios: Otros
Nominaciones: Otros

El prominente crítico de cine Darian Stonehall está en problemas. Poco después de escribir una mordaz crítica de una película de terror es secuestrado por su director, un individuo mentalmente inestable. Este lo someterá a una experiencia reveladora.... Después de ésta, Stonehall nunca podrá ver el cine de la misma forma...


“Finally, I come to Richard Gale, and I think I might have met one of the brightest future stars of the horror scene. Criticized is an intelligently intense shocker about retribution and obsession, and Richard taps into many human fears to enhance the sense of dread.

His genius moment comes though, when he takes the most simple and non-threatening of objects, a paperclip, and turns it into an instrument of abject terror... Richard ramps up the tension to a point where the viewers feel they might burst, then ramps it up even more... Four Stars!”
(Review by Neil Baker at Cinequest San Jose Film Festival –

“Richard Gale is a fine director, and someone to keep an eye on. Hopefully two.”
(Review by David Carroll and Kyla Ward -- at A Night of Horror Film Festival
Sydney, Australia–

“A sharp and squirm-inducing piece of work, with findperformances by John Lynd as the critic and especially Brian Rohan as the disgruntled director.”
(Michael Gingold, FANGORIA)

“A tour de force of quite startling originality... Its two-man cast and intensely claustrophobic bathtub/ shower-stall setting makes a very strong impression... The quintessential shocker of this whole event. A Masterpiece.”
(Horror Fest UK review by Tony Lee –

“I watch a lot of horror films and I’m adding this twelve-minute masterpiece to my favorites list... The audience was in the grip of the film the whole time and the ingenious ending really took the roof off the place. It’s rare that a short film gets as great a reaction as Criticized got on Friday night.”
(Cinequest 2006: Mindbenders – Review by Christopher J. Garcia, Editor –
Science Fiction / San Francisco – Issue 40 –

“A bad-ass, scary-as-hell, 'holy-sh*t-what-am-I-watching?' short film.”
(Bruce Fletcher, Director, Dead Channels – The San Francisco Festival of Fantastic Film –




Fant-Asia Film Festival (2007)
Resultado Galardón Categoría Premiados
3er. Puesto Corto Criticized

New York City Horror Film Festival (2007)
Resultado Galardón Categoría Premiados
Ganadora Corto Criticized

New York City Horror Film Festival (2007)
Resultado Galardón Categoría Premiados
Ganadora Premio Horror Corto de Terror Criticized

Valley Film Festival (2007)
Resultado Galardón Categoría Premiados
Ganadora Premio de la Audiencia Corto de Terror Criticized

Washington DC Independent Film Festival (2007)
Resultado Galardón Categoría Premiados
Ganadora Special Recognition Corto Criticized

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